Future Female Sounds is a registered non-profit organization and booking agency founded in 2017, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


We are on an ambitious mission to make DJ’ing accessible to girls globally! 

Future Female Sounds is first and foremost a community. We run local and global DJ Programmes where we arrange DJ workshops, master classes, and network meetings for girls, womxn, and non-binary people. 


We also produce and co-produce events, and function as a talent incubator, promoting young female musical talent, and a digital platform and network for female DJs.


We strive to empower girls through sound and action, and do this by making it possible for girls who are interested in DJing, to gain access to a space and a platform where they can learn the art of DJing in a safe and supportive space and within a community of womxn.  

Our DJ students also gain access (and belong) to a network of professional female DJs that can help mentor them.  We believe that working with technical skills and artistic expression can open the door to self confidence, community, and future employment. 


We are also a booking agency for womxn DJs only, and engage in a number of collaborations and partnerships with public and private sector persons who share our same vision for a more equal future. 


Our mission is to highlight female DJs, promote female role models in the music industry, and introduce young women to DJ’ing as a medium of artistic expression, self empowerment and professionalization through DJ workshops, cultural management master classes, events, and bookings. We do this through an extensive network of partners, music industry professionals, inter-governmental organizations, enterprises, artists, and activists globally. 

Since 2017, Future Female Sounds has educated over 100 new female DJs through our DJ workshops in Denmark. hosted and co-hosted over 30 events with only female DJs, held 7 DJ schools for females only, booked over 20 female DJs to festivals, events and exhibitions, openings and receptions for corporate, private, and public companies, institutions, and agencies.  We have also launched our global DJ Programmes, with the first DJ ACADEMY FOR GIRLS in Tunisia, and DJ Workshops for womxn in China, and upcoming programmes in France and India. 


In the future, we would like to see that more girls are able to pursue their passions for DJing, and that festivals, bookers and the music industry are better at including female DJs as part of their line-up.  Future Female Sounds therefore also aims to act as a catalyst for female DJs, and to advocate for a more equal music industry. 


Our growing global community works together to expand our goal of "making DJ'ing accessible to girls globally". 


Girls all over the world want to DJ, they just don't have the support, or technical knowledge, or equipment - and that's what we hope to make possible for girls and womxn worldwide. 


In 2019 FFS launched on two new continents with their global DJ programmes, and are currently working on launching in three more countries. If you would like to partner with us please click HERE


Our DJ workshops are for girls and womxn globally. We host workshops for participants who have no prior experience in Dj’ing, equipment or music software – but have an interest in, and are passionate about, DJ’ing.

Future Female Sounds have been running DJ Workshops and a DJ school regularly for two years. We collaborate with a number of partners in co-creating the DJ workshops, in order to reach as many and diverse girls and womxn as possible. Since 2018, we have been running reoccurring DJ schools and workshops aimed at new beginners, focused on the art of DJing including sound curation, mixing techniques, sound equipment, software and hardware. 


The DJ workshops introduce the participants to work with sounds, learning to “think like a DJ”, selecting music, mashing up music and genres, remixes, beat matching, BPMs, and EQing, and a general pedagogic understanding of sound and mood curation. 


Taking a DJ workshop with Future Female Sounds, prepares you for working professionally as a DJ. You will both learn the technical skills needed, and be mentored to learn how to promote yourself and get bookings. 


We also teach master classes, that focus on in-depth DJ skills such as beat matching, loops, sampler, controllers and turn tables. The master classes typically work with softwares Rekorbox, Serato DJ, and Serato Lite.


The DJ advanced master classes also include cultural management, focused on how to navigate the music industry as a woman, how to get bookings, promote yourself, create and distribute mixtapes, working in alternative creative industries and much more. 

The aim of the workshops are short and long-term depending on the level of the participants. Workshop instructors are exclusively female dj’s, producers or music industry professionals, offering female role-models in a safe space for girl’s to learn, express, and connect.


For our DJ Workshops, no skills are needed, just an interest in music and DJ'ing. Several of our DJ students have gone on to feature on our booking roster – thereby the booking agency also functions as a talent incubator and catalyst, where we give talented new DJs the opportunity to get booked. 




Are you looking for DJ Lessons or a pop-up DJ workshop for your school, office, institution or else? Please mail tia@futurefemalesounds.org


Many girls and womxn all over the world want to DJ, they just don't have the support, or technical knowledge, or equipment - and that's what we hope to make possible for girls and womxn worldwide. 


Our DJ workshops take place in a safe space. This means that we are only girls and womxn in the room, which is a space of encouragement and mutual respect. 


In this space, you can be who you are, without feeling the pressure to perform or to behave in a certain way.  We offer smaller teams and more instructors to ensure that everyone is heard, and we work openly and creatively, with a goal of improving overall mixing skills and creativity.

Mari Vinter

Tomorrow's peace-building requires new ways of mobilizing and re-thinking structural and societal norms - and we believe that music has the power to transform and inspire change. 


We also believe that working with technical skills and artistic expression can open the door to self confidence, community, and future employment.


A specific aim for Future Female Sounds, is to reach particularly marginalized groups of womxn, in countries and areas where access to communities, safe spaces, and DJ equipment is hard to come by, or non-existent. 


Our methodology is based on theory of (social) change, in which we see music as a tool for healing, story-telling, and self-empowerment. We also believe that women and girls can actively transform our world, and by unleashing and activating their potential, we create change-makers who in their turn can enable and inspire their communities.


We also acknowledge and adhere to a number of international conventions and guiding principles, amongst them, affirming the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protectionand Promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. Hereunder especially;


"Emphasizing the importance of culture for social cohesion in general, and in particular its potential for the enhancement of the status and role of women in society, and recognizing that the diversity of cultural expressions, including traditional cultural expressions, is an important factor that allows individuals and peoples to express and to share with others their ideas and values."


The musical framework for the global program therefore works specifically with a point of departure in local music traditions, mixing them with urban and electronic music, creating mash-ups of new sounds.


Further we do a number of pop-up DJ workshops for music venues, municipalities, private or public institutions which range from beginners courses to advanced master classes.


FFS is a global community. 

For the participants of the DJ Workshops who have an interest in continuing to mix, and building a career as DJs, Future Female Sounds also offer industry mentors.


We run a closed community group online for female DJs in Denmark, which facilitates everything from DJ bookings to technical questions or concerns, and currently has over 100 members.

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by Sunna Reitov Korpe