"We are on an ambitious mission to make DJing accessible to women, gender minorities and non-binary folk globally!"


Future Female Sounds is a non-profit organization, community, and booking agency founded in 2017 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


FFS is a female-founded and led a global community of womxn DJs and creators. We run local and global DJ Programmes where we arrange DJ workshops, master classes, and network meetings for womxn and gender minorities.

As community facilitators, we work to provide more opportunities for both emerging and established female talent in the electronic music scene. We work to create opportunities for local communities and DJs by partnering and collaborating with brands and organizations who share our values and vision. 


We also act as a network, produce events, talks, and seminars, and incubate emerging womxn DJs by booking and promoting female talent. To support these in-person activities, we facilitate a digital platform highlighting DJ culture for womxn around the world.



We inspire more women to DJ.

We empower women by providing professionalisation and support. 

We change the narrative of the DJ, and the music industry gender imbalance.


We amplify and highlight the talent of women & gender minority DJs through DJ workshops, performances, bookings, talks, commissions, curations, and live streams! 


We strive to empower girls through sound and action. We do this by offering access to a safe and supportive platform for people who are interested in learning how to DJ in a safe community.


By collaborating with the music industry, institutions, NGOs, commercial brands, and community platforms, our approach is to effectively create change on all levels. 


Since 2018, we have trained over 400 new women and gender minority DJs and launched 5 global DJ programs in Copenhagen, Beijing, Tunis, Cairo, and Paris. We also run Scandinavia’s biggest booking agency with an exclusive female roster. 


In 2021 we are opening the doors to a dedicated community space for womxn DJs. COMM.UNITY is the first of its kind, hosting an in-house DJ school, booking, cultural management, and coaching mentorship as well as an open space for practice and professionalization. 


By concretely adding and highlighting more womxn DJs in the music industry, we are advocating for change in creating greater gender equality and equity in the music industry and culture sector. 


We believe that visible role models are important to inspire more girls and womxn to enter the field — as well as advocate for them, in the music and culture industry.


According to the UN Agenda 2030, we have less than 10 years to change the world. Together with our partners, we are making a change through investing in women and gender minorities.

By highlighting female DJs; promoting womxn role models in the music industry; and introducing young women to DJ’ing as a medium of artistic expression, self-empowerment, and professionalization, we open the door to both passion and profession.  

We also believe that DJing as an art form has a vital role in shaping the future of young people and in increasing gender equality. In a world where young girls and gender minorities have to actively search for role models, in spaces and fields that are typically dominated by masculinity, we provide active mentorship with a genre-fluid, open approach to music. 


Tomorrow's peace-building requires new ways of mobilizing and re-thinking structural and societal norms - and we believe that music has the power to transform and inspire change. 


We also believe that working with technical skills and artistic expression can open the door to self-confidence, community, and future employment.


A specific aim for Future Female Sounds is to reach particularly marginalized groups of womxn, in countries and areas where access to communities, safe spaces, and DJ equipment is hard to come by, or non-existent. 


Our methodology is based on the theory of (social) change, in which we see music as a tool for healing, story-telling, and self-empowerment. We also believe that women and girls can actively transform our world, and by unleashing and activating their potential, we create change-makers who in their turn can enable and inspire their communities.