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global dj programmes

FFS Global community is made up of over 5.000 female and gender minority DJs across The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America

Future Female Sounds has initiated a number of global programmes, together with local partners and DJs. Aside from our Copenhagen programme, we are currently offer programmes in Paris, Cairo and Tunis; and have worked in Beijing in the past. These programmes are also designed to highlight and amplify global talent through multi-digital platforms, in which Future Female Sounds acts as a facilitator and network.

In 2021, Future Female Sounds was registered as a French non-profit organisation with a seat in Paris.


In 2020, FFS launched in Cairo together with partner DEDI, and DJ Instructor Zeina. The first DJ Workshop for womxn trained 11 DJs and is currently creating a digital master class program.

In March 2019, FFS launched the first DJ Academy for Girls together with local Tunisian partner La Fabrique. It is the first DJ Academy for Girls in the MENA region and has since its incubation, created a boost in the number of female DJs in Tunisia.

During 2020-2022, FFS is partnering with La Fabrique and Moroccan Festival 4SF on the FeMena project, which is the first interregional network for womxn in the electronic music scene.

Since 2018, Future Female Sounds have been conducting DJ Workshops and running two DJ Schools, one in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus, training over 300 new DJs.

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