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dj academy (2021-2023)


After training nearly 500 new female, non-binary, and gender minority DJs in several countries across continents, our dream of building an Academy with an actual 3-month long educational graduating course has come to fruition.


FFS have received 1.744.036 (a little more than 1.7 million DKK) danish kroner from Tuborgfondet to scale our work and create a DJ Academy that includes DJ training and professionalisation, mentorship from leading music industry experts, partnerships with festivals and venues, public talks, livestreams and performances focused on highlighting the new talent, as well as music and DJ-specific topics!


The academy is free to attend and is open to female, non-binary and gender minority folk. 20% of the spaces for the DJ Academy participants are reserved for marginalised and underprivileged youth from local area Nørrebro, where FFS DJ Academy is located.

Each round of the DJ academy comprises of a 3 month long education, where students are taught in depth mixing skills in different genres; as well as go through the business and branding side of DJing. 

During the three months, the DJ's get mentored by industry mentors curated by FFS, to prepare them to breakout into the industry after the education. 


Plus, at the end of the education, the DJ's are in charge of holding their own livestream. We have kindly received support from partners AIAIAI and Soundboks to hold these livestreams.

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