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european female dj summit 2021


For the first time ever, a two day summit, focused exclusively on female and gender minority DJs from all over Europe took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Gathering 35 DJs and music industry professionals, the project, which is supported by The European Union (Creative Europe programme) includes a survey, a summit, and a Digital DJ Guide. 


The European Female DJ Summit was produced by Future Female Sounds in partnership with female:pressure and SheSaidSo, and co-funded by The European Union.


The summit took place in June of 2021 and had a central focus of boosting talent, and leveraging skills within the disciplines of business, economics, management, digital skills, and visibility. 

The project kicked off with a regional survey, investigating the working conditions for female, non-binary, and gender minority DJs across Europe. The survey  was followed by an Open Call, open to women and gender minority DJs across the European Union.


We really wanted to have more insight into the working conditions of women DJs across Europe. For example, we imagine that the gender pay gap will vary much from country to country, as will whether they have experienced discrimination based on their gender, sexuality, or cultural background.

Over the two day summit, a strong and supportive network was created within the European music industry. We continue to advocate for change in the structural gender inequality.

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