dj workshops

Future Female Sounds host DJ Workshops around the world. From our headquarters in Copenhagen, we run FFS DJ SCHOOL at our designated community space and work studio ‘COMM.UNITY’, all year round.  

Our global programs with DJ Workshops take place in cities like Cairo, Paris, and Tunis. 


Many girls and womxn all over the world want to DJ, and actively participate in the music industry.  However, some don't have the support, technical knowledge, or equipment - and that's what we strive to make possible for girls and womxn worldwide. 


Our DJ workshops take place in a safe space. This means that we are only girls, womxn and non-binary in the room, which is a space of encouragement and mutual respect. 


In this space, you can be who you are, without feeling the pressure to perform or to behave in a certain way.  We offer smaller teams and more instructors to ensure that everyone is heard, and we work openly and creatively, with a goal of improving overall mixing skills and creativity.


Future Female Sounds have developed a curriculum that we have worked with and continuously improved since 2018, training over 400 new DJs. 

The DJ workshops introduce the participants to work with sounds, learning to “think like a DJ”, selecting music, mashing up music and genres, remixes, beat matching, BPM, EQing, looping, effects, and a general pedagogic understanding of sound and mood curation. 


Taking a DJ workshop with Future Female Sounds prepares you for working professionally as a DJ. You will both learn the technical skills needed, and be mentored to learn how to promote yourself and get bookings. 


The DJ advanced masterclasses also include cultural management, focused on how to navigate the music industry as a woman, how to get bookings, promote yourself, create and distribute mixtapes, working in alternative creative industries, and much more. 


For our DJ Workshops, no skills are needed, just an interest in music and DJ'ing. Several of our DJ students have gone on to feature on our booking roster – thereby the booking agency also functions as a talent incubator and catalyst, where we give talented new DJs the opportunity to get booked.