DJ Katrine Ring has been DJ'ing since 1992 and is one of the most established DJs in Denmark. She has played everything from youth houses to the Danish Royal Palace.


Her genres extends from funk, soul, jazz, boogie and soulful house to ambient and electronic. With a wide repertoire, she plays lounges, receptions and dance floors, as well as a radio host on the Danish National Radio (DR). She plays both vinyl and digital, and is even one of the few DJs who master working with classical music. She is a member of four different DJ collectives, and runs her own clubs like Boogie Night, Vibezone and Yo! Bebob in Copenhagen and Funkdown in Malmö, Sweden.


Katrine has played events and venues such as: Hotel Saint Petri, Bar Balthazar at D'Angleterre Hotel, Montmartre, Rust and The Standard.


Katrine has released a number of jazz compilations and publishes her own compositions as sound artist, including four 12 "vinyls entitled MULT I-V in 2018, as well as remixed and deconstructed a series of Vagn Holmboe chamber concerts on the CD A Hand For Holmboe in 2012.

Boogie set for Future Female Sounds - live DJ set (vinyl) Jazzy DJ mix live 

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by Sunna Reitov Korpe