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our philosophy: social change through music and community building

Tomorrow's peace-building requires new ways of mobilizing and re-thinking structural and societal norms - and we believe that music has the power to transform and inspire change. 


We also believe that working with technical skills and artistic expression can open the door to self confidence, community, and future employment.


A specific aim for Future Female Sounds, is to reach particularly marginalized groups of womxn, in countries and areas where access to communities, safe spaces, and DJ equipment is hard to come by, or non-existent. 


Our methodology is based on theory of (social) change, in which we see music as a tool for healing, story-telling, and self-empowerment. We also believe that women and girls can actively transform our world, and by unleashing and activating their potential, we create change-makers who in their turn can enable and inspire their communities.


We also acknowledge and adhere to a number of international conventions and guiding principles, amongst them, affirming the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protectionand Promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. Hereunder especially;


"Emphasizing the importance of culture for social cohesion in general, and in particular its potential for the enhancement of the status and role of women in society, and recognizing that the diversity of cultural expressions, including traditional cultural expressions, is an important factor that allows individuals and peoples to express and to share with others their ideas and values."


The musical framework for the global program therefore works specifically with a point of departure in local music traditions, mixing them with urban and electronic music, creating mash-ups of new sounds.


Further we do a number of pop-up DJ workshops for music venues, municipalities, private or public institutions which range from beginners courses to advanced master classes. 



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