Sakena Ali has been DJ'ing since 2002 and prefers to play vinyl. She started as Denmarks first event/DJ-reviewer, before social media, where she took pictures of clubkids and wrote about the music. Later on she hosted two different clubnights in Copenhagen. Her genres extends from deephouse, IDM, electronica, jazzy, hip-hop, soulful house, dub, ambient, electronic, bollywood, pop, disco, raregroove, world, krautrock, indie or what ever she finds interesting. Sakena does not mix her music through beats, but prefers to connect the music old-school-style through tonality witch makes it possible to mix a much wider range of genres.

Sakena has played events and venues such as: Culture-Box, Nordberg festival, Jolene, Joy and "Le Petit vinbar" of which her live set can be heard here:

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by Sunna Reitov Korpe