SCHAARUP is a skilled, energetic and dedicated DJ with 7 years of experience behind the decks. Her sound and heart are set on genres such as; House, deephouse, techhouse, and techno, and she draws inspiration from the sounds and clubs of (underground) Berlin. She also plays commercial sounds, funk and disco. SCHAARUP was the resident DJ at Roskilde Festival Rising in 2019. 

Aside from DJ’ing, SCHAARUP is also a producer and has released a track on Emotive Sounds and made remixes of Lucy Love, Mendoza, and Penny Police among others 

Her skills has taken her everywhere from bars, clubs, private and corporate events to festivals, fashion weeks, and some of the main stages within the industry. But her true home is Culture Box in downtown Copenhagen, where she regularly turns the tables.

In addition to being immersed in her DJ jobs, SCHAARUP has created her own party concept, HOUSEFRAU, which she tours with in different nightclubs and venues. HOUSEFRAU exclusively hire female DJs from all over Europe, with an appetite for house and techno, to bring focus to the female talents of the electronic segment of the music industry.

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by Sunna Reitov Korpe