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Tia Korpe,

Founder & Director

Tia Korpe is the Founder and managing Director of Future Female Sounds. She runs the daily operations of FFS in 4 countries, leads the team, and is in charge of solidifying partnerships, strategic development and growth of the organization. She also runs the booking agency FFS Booking.  

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Aviaja Larsen,

Communcations Officer

Ploy Pailin Ottesen,

Content Creator

Ploy is the content creator at Future Female Sounds. She handles our content, visual work & creative development as well as assists in our Mixcloud streams, and interacts with our community online. 



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Aviaja is a DJ, singer,, label owner and content creator. At Future Female Sounds, Aviaja is responsible for communication, content, research, and production of Future Female Sounds Creative EU project. 

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Sunna Reitov Korpe, Webmanager

At Future Female Sounds, Sunna is responsible for keeping the website looking great and operational.

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Gwen is in charge of Future Female Sounds monthly radio show on Boxout FM, and assists in production of events and livestreams. 

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Louise Petrouchka,

Project Manager FFS France

Louise is in charge of developing and coordinating the FFS France programme from Paris. She is responsible for developing workshops, events and shows in Paris and across France. 

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Erica Lippert

Coordinator FFS France



Erica coordinates the efforts for FFS France, as well as teaches the DJ Workshops.


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Jamïse Pahlk

Community Manager FFS France

As Community Manager, Jamïse is responsible for building and nurturing the tight knitted FFS community and cultivate relationships with the students, instructors and collaborators.


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Gwen Ho,



Olfa Arfaoui,

DJ Academy Tunisia


Olfa Arfaoui is the co-founder of La Fabrique Art Studio and the DJ Academy for girls, which was created together with Future Female Sounds in 2019. 

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Zeina Em,

DJ Academy Egypt


Zeina is the DJ Instructor and Coordinator for Future Female Sounds in Egypt. Since 2020 Zeina has been coordinating FFS programme in Cairo, as well as teaching the DJ Workshops.

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Marie Korpe,


Marie Korpe is currently a freelance consultant. Marie has been working on human rights and freedom of artistic expression since 1997, is co-founder of Freemuse, and its executive director 2000-2013. 


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Deeyah Khan,

Board Member

​Deeyah Khan is an Emmy and Peabodyaward-winning documentary film director and founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company that puts women, people from minorities, and third-culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories.


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Maren Astrup works with organizational developments, innovation and value driven partnerships within the creative industry with a special attention to music. Maren is passionate about, creating change in society, lifting talent and supporting gender equality.


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Nereya Otieno, 

Board Member

Nereya Otieno was born and raised near San Francisco, California but has now lived and worked in six countries across four continents. As a writer and thinker, she has sought to show how the arts, culture and storytelling define identities and create communities. 

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Maren Astrup Sørensen,

Board Member