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Founder and Director

Tia Korpe is the Founder and Managing Director of Future Female Sounds, which started to take shape in March 2017, and was founded in December 2017. But the idea of creating a global platform focused on highlighting female talent in music, has been with Tia for many years. 

Tia has spent the last decade working in the music, social change, and cultural industry as a cultural consultant, event producer, social entrepreneur and DJ. Tia has consulted for a number of music festivals, UNESCO Youth, International Music Council, Freemuse, MTV, and Danish Center for Culture & Development. Between 2010-2015, she worked across the Middle East and North Africa as the MENA Program Officer for the NGO Turning Tables, and between 2016-2017 she has been working specifically with women in music, coordinating Music Freedom Day 2016 in 23 countries, focused on women's rights to compose and perform music. Hereafter she drove a campaign for Roskilde Festival, as well as a number of debates, events and research, on the lack of women musicians and performers at Scandinavian music festivals. 

As a woman in the urban music industry, and a 20-year track record as a Hip Hop activist, Tia very early on had to learn how to do things by herself. She spent days and nights in the studio, backstage, and on stage with "the guys", and often lacked female colleagues. The idea of a female 'mentor' who could be a guide through the often, tricky, process of being an independent female in the music industry, came to life through Future Female Sounds. By collecting a network of women who could pass on the knowledge of both how to DJ, and how to promote yourself and make a living in this industry, she aims to combine a safe space for creativity, personal development and a career mentorship, to push the development of upcoming talented females in music worldwide.  


In 2010 she started working on Turntablism DJ sets together with DJ KCL, and they both set out a goal to win the national DJ competition in Denmark as the first woman ever - which happened in 2013. It brought them to the DMC WORLD in London the same year, where DJ KCL was the first female European DJ in history to enter the DMC finals. 


Tia also has many years of experience working with culture in conflict zones. While she spent several years running program and setting up music studios with rap and dj workshops across the Middle East, she taught workshops in refugee camps to particularly marginalized youth groups such as Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. This fueled her desire even more to work with music as a tool for empowerment, self-expression and peace-building, and made it all the more clear, that girls were often overlooked in the process. 


In 2015 Tia founded and produced the first interregional urban Festival in Amman, Jordan. The Word is Yours festival brought social community together with street art, skateboarding, music, master classes and industry talks, as well as outreach activities over two days. The entire team behind the festival were women, which once again inspired Tia to assemble an all female team for FFS. 


Tia is also an external lecturer at Global Urban Studies at Copenhagen University, and combining her work in the field with her knowledge on social innovation and urban cultural entrepreneurship, Tia believes DJing is more than a creative expression - she has seen how it can provide a livelihood. By focusing on more than the musical and technical education, she aims to open professional doors for upcoming female DJs, and highlight the already many established female DJs. 

Future Female Sounds is the daughter, which she hopes to mold into a wise, successful, inspiring and creative woman, who becomes a platform, and a good friend to female DJs worldwide. 

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